Friday, November 25, 2011

Pursue Not A Career, But A Calling

“The LORD had said to Abram, 'Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you."

  I never thought this verse would make such a great impact on my life.

  On March 2, before graduating from college, I experienced this powerful revelation from God as regards to my plans/goals in life. You can read my previous blog for a more detailed story:

  I did follow His command with all my heart and soul. I stayed in Singapore for almost a month. I “explored the Promise Land” and tried to discover God’s purpose for me. And as soon as I completed my “exploration,” I asked Him once again, “Lord what do You want me to do now?” He answered:


  I waited for days, even weeks, until I finally had to fly home to the Philippines. Things started to confuse me, especially when I was losing each opportunity in Singapore one by one. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from hoping and waiting upon the Lord. I was expectant of His mercy and goodness. All I can do was to hold on to His Word. Then, a new message came.

Devotions: “When God Promises” (Zondervan’s Women’s Devotional Bible NIV)
Scripture: 2 Kings 8:16-24

“But no matter how many promises have been broken, no matter how many people have let us down, God never will. He is faithful… even if His promises take time to come to fruition.”

My devotions left me questions to reflect on:
• What promise have you been waiting for God to keep?
• How have people’s broken promises made it difficult for you to trust in God’s promises?
• How does it comfort you to know that God always keeps His promises? How does it challenge you to know that sometimes His promises take time to be fulfilled?

  When God speaks to us and leaves us a promise to hold on to, we try to claim it right away without really understanding what that promise meant. That was a common mistake I made. But time helped me realize that it takes FAITH for me to clearly see His will. All I had to do was to take that step of faith, cross the river, and claim His promise! To my surprise, the promise that I was looking forward to was something I didn't expect to happen. In fact, it was something better!

1. Inspira
Inspira is a group I’ve been trying to organize since college. I had this vision of gathering creative people whose hearts are focused on creating art with a purpose. The idea started out as a "business proposal" I made in one of my classes back in college. It worked out for my friends and I, and I was determined to push through with it even after graduation. I pray that when the time is right, things will fall into place. This is something that I really look forward to!

2. Night Light Productions
This is a music production I’m handling with Strong Sabio, which we launched last Nov 3, at Route 196. My vision for this prod is to help our local Christian musicians show their God-given talents as they proclaim the gospel across the metro. Why Night Light? Matthew 5:14-16 says we are the light of the world. Therefore, we must shine upon men. Night Light will give Light to people lost in the dark.

Night Light Productions is one of the best promises God has fulfilled. I’ve always wanted to meet different musicians who are passionate about God. Who knows? Maybe someday, we will be the next Passion! Dream big! But my goal is to start small and to be intentiona about it. God willing, we might just start a new church too! :)

3. Music Career
When I left Harlequin last 2009, I completely surrendered my music career to God. I would rather have nothing at all if my music were just there to make me bigger than God. However, God affirmed me that He will help me face my struggle and that He will help me choose the right path! He doesn't want our relationship to just end with me being blessed. He wants me to attempt greater things for Him. My ultimate purpose in life is to know Christ and make Him known. Music is the best gift that He's given me. Therefore, I must use it in building His church.

“Go and leave your country.”

  I see Singapore as an  “Abraham and Isaac” experience. A testing of faith. God is not after the things we do for Him. He's after our hearts and He wants to see inentionality in our obedience.

  I went through and reflected on the stories of Moses, Abraham and Hannah. All of them were waiting for something. All of them had to surrender an important part of life. All of them had to acquire great FAITH to receive His promise. As for me, I had to surrender my life in the Philippines, particularly the Youth Ministry. When I finally took hold of His plans for me, He said:

“Wait. Since you have kept My commands, I will give you something better.”

  God gave me such wonderful gifts. I must not settle for less. I must strive to do more and more for Him. My prayer is that He will use me mightily in the "Kingdom Movement."

  To wrap things up, I would just like to share a few of my devotions this week.

Nov. 20, 2011

Devotions: “Extravagant Love” (Zondervan’s Women Devotional Bible NIV)
Scriptures: Matthew 26: 6-13 (Mary and the alabaster jar of perfume), Genesis 22:1-19 (Abaraham and Isaac), 1 Samuel 1:21-2:11 (Hannah and Samuel), Mark 14:3-9, Luke 6:38

“Abraham loved his son Isaac, yet he willingly offered him to God; and God gave him back as a blessing. Hannah offered Samuel to the Lord’s service and has gone down in history as a woman most blessed. Mary had an alabaster jar of perfume. She broke it open and poured it out as love offering. Jesus praised her actions and promised she would always be remembered. What is your most precious possession? Are you willing to pour out your time? Your money? Your gifts? Your talents? When you give your best to Jesus, He will accept your offering of extravagant love with joy.”

“We can do great things- only small things with great love.”

November 21, 2011

Devotions: “Expect the Extraordinary” (Zondervan’s Women Devotional Bible NIV))
Scriptures: Mark 1:14-20 (The Calling of the First Disciples), 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, 1 Peter 2:9-10

“When Jesus calls us to follow Him, He is looking for people who are willing to let go of the ordinary and look for something extraordinary. Sometimes that means we’re called to leave everything- our nets and our families- and go where he tells us. Other times, following Him means we keep doing what we've been doing, only with a shift in our perspective.”

S.H.A.P.E.: Finding & Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose For Life by Erik Rees (a new book I bought last Nov. 20):

“Your contribution is the unique service God created you to make, a ministry only you can perform. It is the specific mission God has given you to fulfill for Him on earth.”

“God longs to use ordinary people in extraordinary ways. That includes you!”

“Your Kingdom Purpose is way more than a career………. Your career could provide you the platform to direct you Kingdom Purpose, but it doesn't define it.”

“When we let others tell us what we should be doing, we are living to please then and win their approval.”

“In fact, your Kingdom Purpose is very much a reflection of you faithfulness to God.”

“For some people….. that means trading in a career for a full-time ministry. For most of us, however, finding and fulfilling our Kingdom Purpose means discovering how God wants us to minister in the paths and relationships of the daily lives He has given us.”


  I can only do great things by FAITH alone. These are big dreams. But if I rely on God’s strength and power, I know I'll be able to accomplish a lot for Him. I am called to be a light that shines upon men. With that, I am inspired to pursue not a career, but a calling.